old pine

debating whether to study law or literature in university, torn :-(

don’t get me wrong, I love winter. but i miss summer days so much



Paul McCarthy - Bavarian Deer, ca 1987-1989
Color coupler print (274.3 x 181.6 cm.)


Not all those who wander are lost ☯

Not all those who wander are lost ☯


Not all those who wander are lost ☯

december is the month when i shovel tonnes of food down my throat, thank fuck for a high metabolism otherwise my inner fat child would take over

I know everybody goes “oh age is just a number” and what have you, but I will always question age gaps in relationships

If a guy who was more than about 3 years older than me showed an interest, I would question why he was not able to find a woman his own age 

And yes, there is a reason for that, it’s not just because he’s ‘picky’ or because you’re special

I am panicking

I’ve been so ill all week I have been sleeping all day and doing nothing productive and I am only 800 words into my English coursework

Do I stay up finishing my English coursework

I don’t think I have a choice that says ‘no’

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